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Sumluv (Worldwide)

Alberto O. Aguado and Adrián Cancho are an electronic music duo based in Barcelona. Their name comes from the short for ‘Some Love’. Born in Figueres but residing in Barcelona, they began their career in 2017 with the single 'Ascend' where we found a notable influence of downtempo and future beat, main basics on their first tracks.


In 2018 they release ‘Iridio’ a single with a experimental sound and where we also found a remix by the Cantabrian producer Harvey Touch (theBasement Discos). Their latest work, ‘Silk Holds Everything’, it’s released under the Barcelona label Beautiful Accident. In this EP we see a much more mature concept, where there are three completely instrumental songs, or better, three sound landscapes that are worth venturing into, finding an environmental electronics as cautious as it is deep.

They also remixed ‘Brief’ from the barcelonian producer Bofirax (Neonized), this track was selected and premiered by the Underground House Berlin channel and appears in the ‘Ephemeral Remixes’ project.


Sumluv mix progression and rhythmic force in their live shows, also acompanied with visuals that immerses the audience into a sound trip that describes the artistic ideas of the duo.

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