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Sparrow & Barbossa (Worldwide)

Sparrow & Barbossa is a Madrid-based DJ and producer duo formed by the Swiss Bryan Coletta and the Uruguayan Emiliano Haberli. Bryan is a pianist born to a musician's family; his father is the legendary guitarist Francis Coletta who worked with artists like Whitney Houston, Quincy Jones, and Frank Sinatra. Emiliano was born and raised in Uruguay, a region dominated by African colonials, and was widely influenced by 'The Culture Of Candombe,' a pure African tribal rhythm from colonialism.

Bryan and Emiliano created a fusion between organic instruments and electronic sounds. Their age difference has a positive influence on both their releases and performance. While Bryan brings the freshness of modern sounds and melodies, Emiliano fine-tunes the rhythmic part and builds up his knowledge throughout the years. Globe-trotters, who're true lovers of ethnic and lost cultures, are devoted to transmitting this legacy through electronic music.

2022, in a time of frenetic worldwide overture traveling the world around and spreading the musical message of this 'Infamous-Afro-Latin-House-Pirates Duo, and right after the global Pandemic, they started running their own record label, Tortuga Tribes, and giving voice and home to a whole community of artists and musicians from all Latin America, under the flag of the Caribbean House Music.

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