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Pomboklap (Worldwide)

Pomboklap is a skilled and sensible disc jockey / producer, who is passionate, energetic, and transcendent in each set. He quickly connects with the audience on each dance floor, in which from the first track until the very last, is subtly transformed by its eclecticism and groove.

He is a resident of significant festivals in Madrid (After brunch, Madrid Electronic Music events) and Ibiza, continuously infusing his sound with legendary rooms such as Florida retiro, Sala El Sol, Nova Santa Ibiza, Akasha Ibiza, Beach House Ibiza, Lab Madrid, Lula Madrid & Istar Madrid...

Internationally, he has traveled to clubs in different countries such as Mexico, Finland, and Portugal.

His House sound, with Deep, Afro, Indie & Disco influences, turn his sets into an accumulation of sensations and musical possibilities. It has productions on such relevant labels as Redolent, Hurry Up Slowly, Pipe & Pochet, Deeplomatic, Tortuga Tribes and Animo Records.

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