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Mëstiza (Worldwide)

Mëstiza, Electronic Music female duo that blends house music with traditional flamenco sounds and other Spanish folklore influences. 

They arises from the inspiration and roots of several house music sub-genres, such as deep, organic, melodic, afro, and latin house. 
Mëstiza objective is to create a new identity with the Spain brand as a reference, as has happened with the fusion between Arabic, African and Latin rhythms with electronic sounds. Music & aesthetics inspired by Spanish tradition and folklore mixed with the energetic and elegant music selected and created by Mëstiza. 

After more than 10 years of DJing separately, these two Spanish DJs and producers decide to join forces to delve into their roots and discover a world as traditional Spanish sounds and bring them to electronic music in their DJ sets as an experience for the 5 senses. 

Mëstiza have their own branded event named SACRO where live musicians and professional dancers are joining on stage for a all senses flamenco experience.

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