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Jus Kno' (Worldwide)

Jus Kno' music is a combination of a neo-classical and electronic. As an A/V live band, they play with synthesizers, guitar, piano and they control their own visuals during the performane.

Jus Kno’ came to life in Madrid in 2015. Alex Aller (music producer) and Pablo Villanueva (visual artist) joined forces to develop a project where music and videos coexist in an original identity. Despite of their short career, they have achieved to get noticed by internacional media. Their songs have been played and posted in platforms such as BBC 1xtra (UK), Indie Magazine (Germany) or Metal Magazine (US).


As independent artists, they have released 3 EPs and 9 videos. The last one, “Redemption”, was included in the top ten electronic music albums released in Spain in 2018. The list was made by the most relevant independent music magazine in the country, “Mondo Sonoro”.


In 2019, they signed to electronic music label, “Faneca Music”. In November of this same year, they are releasing a brand new EP with 5 tracks full of organic sounds mixed with dark synthesizers lines. Along with the EP comes a new concept of Live Set, where visuals, synths, piano and guitar blend together in a resulting emotional experience.

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