Giorgia Angiuli (Spain + LATAM)

Born in Puglia, also known as the heel of Italy’s boot, Giorgia is a classically trained musician, composer and multi-instrumentalist. Very early on she developed a strong interest in electronic music and started to experiment with new live techniques. From her very first project in 2009 Metùo, where she released the album “Toyshop,” Giorgia has created a vibrant, unique and interactive performance for her fans. 


In 2010 with her audiovisual project We Love, Giorgia collaborated with the renown label Bpitch Control, performing in clubs internationally allowing her presence to grow which eventually led her to go solo in 2013.  The solo project of Giorgia Angiuli stylistically moves between pop, techno and house. She uses her voice to create a dreamy dimension intensified by the use of unique toy instruments. During her set, she combines keyboards, drum pad and theremin with the sounds of a toy flute, sax, trumpets and many other toys. 

As the years have passed Giorgia has increased her profile and visibility with her engaging online presence, it does not wonder every video she posts goes viral receiving thousands or millions of plays. For a small-town girl from Puglia, now residing in Florence, this classically trained musician turned live electronic act is just getting started, so sit back and enjoy what’s to come!

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