Gameboyz (Worldwide)

Electronic Music band based in Badayork (Extremadura) and integrated by Xar Lee Da'well and Modernphase.


Gameboyz’s threesome (Extremadura) had consolidated career of 7 years with several releases in labels as Biologic Records, Relish Records, Clouded Vision, Beachcoma, Electrique Music, Playground Records, Nein Music, ... or their own label Melómana records.

Their Sessions and Live Acts had travelled around Europe, England and France, or places as Tel Aviv, and had played in the most iconic clubs of Spain, such Sala La 3, Razzmatazz, Sala Siroco, MOOG, Cosmos, Metropol… They are owners of Melómana Records, giving to the electro scene artists as Justin Robertson, Timothy J FairPlay, Pink Skull and Undo among others. Now they are preparing a new Live Act loaded with new Techno and Electric sounds.

Heirs from the 90's culture, these guys are famous for their flexibility in different facets, as Dj's, Live Acts or producing. The combination of their virtues in the studio or technical and musical aspects made them to find their own style.

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