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Doormen On Vacation (Spain + LATAM)

John Acquaviva, Roland Leesker and Philipp Jung are Doormen on Vacation. Between them they have 476 years of experience in the game, record collections that could fill the Grand Canyon and more skills than Messi. Having recently realised all this, they now intend to head out on the road and share their love, passion and knowledge through a series of special, grown up, all night long sets that will be jam packed with the best and most unknown edits, remixes and originals from the golden era of music that was the seventies and eighties.

Doormen on Vacation will be taking over exclusive hotels when the owners are out of town, crashing bars in need of musical therapy and rocking up to your local club, musical weapons in hand, ready to join the dots between the happy and the sad, light and dark, good and evil and whatever else takes their fancy. They are ready to serve!

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