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Dominik Eulberg (Spain)

Attempted by so many people vainly, Dominik Eulberg is the one who can claim for himself having reconciled ornithology and techno successfully. Dominik Eulberg, raving ornithologist from the Westerwald is both: an international booked DJ in the spotlight and an observer of the domestic Flora and Fauna in quiescence – a master of reconciled contradictions. 


A walk in the woods – this is Dominik´s Blueprint for exciting music, because “there you never know what is expecting you behind the next junction”. In the forest some rustle in the coppice can turn into a hook line: every single sound is important and endows the tracks with the necessary vitality the dancefloor needs. If minimum or maximum: Not giving a damn, the audience loves the extraordinary character as much as a great Base drum. Combining both, Dominik isn´t held in high esteem - which he usually savours in more blinkered clubs all around the world – wrongly. 


He will continue to indulge his affectation for more emotionality in the beat-corset in future. The creativity of his musical work will stay complex and innovative but remains always accessible due to the inherent down-to-earthiness. After all, one wants to take his audience on a journey, not wanting to ditch it at the ticket counter.

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