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Damon Jee (Spain + LATAM)

Damon Jee started his career in the early 90′s when he discovered electronic music and turned into Djing. He has performed in many clubs and festivals worldwide. He has produced records on Labels such as Correspondant, Roam, Critical Monday...

We are all the product of our influences and there is no substitute for experience. Damon Jee is the embodiment of that statement. Over the last 20 years he has carved a career in a very unassuming way, unintentionally writing an exciting new chapter for the global electronic music scene. He is the journeyman who managed to shine brighter by staying true to himself, a musical alchemist experimenting with different sounds to create a deadly new potion. Today, the producer is considered the main exponent of a fresh and exciting new scene many are calling Dark Disco.

Today Damon Jee is slotting perfectly into his role as a bona fide headliner. Years of experience ensures each set is delivered with a confidant ease and professionalism that sets him apart from the rest. Headlining clubs and events from Spain to Australia to Mexico, Damon Jee is set to spearhead a new generation of electronic music lovers who isn’t afraid to cross-pollinate their music for a thrilling new sound. If you need an antidote for a flailing dancefloor, Damon Jee has the tonic to revive your night.

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