Arodes (Worldwide)

Born in Spain, Adrian Rodriguez aka ARODES was surrounded by music since he was a child. His bohemian parents introduced him to a wide range of genres and he grew up touching vinyls from Reggae to Classic Rock.

At eighteen, ARODES attended his first music festival and saw firsthand the power and connectivity of music. He was captivated and knew from that moment on he wanted to become a DJ and producer. He soon moved to Los Angeles and became well known in the event and club scene. Around the world, ARODES has been heard playing in cities such as Marbella, Ibiza, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Tulum, Sao Paolo, Los Angeles, and Miami.

ARODES sets forth on a mission with his attempt to make us re-connect, and fundamentally at its core, to make us feel more. Even though his music belongs to the underground scene, his melodic engaging sound is enjoyable for any kind of ear. Deep and sincere music.

Currently, ARODES shares his residency between the magical island of Ibiza and Miami.

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