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Animal Picnic (Worldwide)

Animal Picnic is a Spanish electronic music duo formed in 2012 by Iigo and Daniel. Their DJ sessions and creations, influenced by their unique musical understanding, have reached audiences across five continents, captivating dancers worldwide. Their music defies easy categorization, taking listeners on a dynamic journey that blends house, techno, progressive elements, and Afro rhythms.

With releases on prestigious global record labels such as Siamese, Atlant, Diynamic, Stil Vor Talent, Get Physical, Suara, Noir, Einmusika, among others, and their exceptional DJ sets, they have risen to become prominent figures in the international electronic music scene. From starting in top clubs in Galicia and Spain, they made a significant leap by becoming residents in Ibiza, Moscow, and Beirut. This, combined with their successful tenure as producers on Berlin's Steyoyoke label, has allowed them to perform in more than 20 countries, including the United States, Russia, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, Latvia, Lebanon, Israel, Turkey, South Africa, Tunisia, Egypt, Costa Rica, and Mexico. They have also left their mark in places like Dubai, India, Thailand, and Singapore, as well as in their home country Spain, where they have steadily grown to become leading figures in the melodic techno genre worldwide.

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